Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ok..I know I look "great" now can we please stop this?

Ok.. I look very cute..and silly.But u sure I look good?

I dont wanna be ET!

The road..when it rains!

Under da light!!

OMG..he looks good enough to eat!

I Love this smile!


Monday, April 04, 2005

Thats my hungry lion at the pizzeria..

This was the way the sky looked on Friday, just before it rained..

#2610..really big house with noce detailing i some places. Love the fir.

I'm gonna help momma clean up her book..yes sirree..

I loved the way the entire road was carpeted on both the was a haze of yellow!

Same road..same flowers..but they make the dreary old place look great!

Note the road on the opp side..completely carpeted with flowers!

This is the main road next to a hospital//the yellow flowers look so festive!

Spring is here!

I like to eat in privacy..thank you!

Di! Feed me..I love to taste your hands..yum yum

This is my kingdom..noo one can enter!

Poor lil baby..a head ache, a fever and a. exam to boot! That was not the best of days for her..